I purchased a track for my project: can I use it forever and worldwide?

Yes! That`s nice, isn’t it?

Can I use the same track for many videos?

No, sorry. The license is for one project only.

The license I purchased is for my client, can you put their name on the license?

Sure, you can write that info in “Project*” on the Checkout.

I received a notification from YouTube saying that your tracks and their rights belongs to another artist. What’s up?

There is an easy solution. Our music is legal and you are doing everything ok. The point is that sometimes YouTube is using similar waves and sounds to recognize all the content they have. Specially it happens with classical music.  In this case you just counter the claim here: http://www.youtube.com/t/copyright_counter with your BunkerMusik License. The claim will be dropped.

Additionally, be carefull to upload our music to the ID Content. Only if you have the copyrights you can do that with your works. The copyrights remain always property of Bunkermusik and their artists.

Can I put the IVA or VAT number on my bill?

Sure, again, you can put this information in “Additional Information” on the Checkout.

Are you selling my data to third companies?

No. Check our Privacy Policy If you have any other questions you can use our Contact Form or you can send an email to info@bunkermusik.com